Chef Brandon Hudson, chef consultant Beef Tartare with Kimchi and Furikake

  • Prep time 20Min
  • Cook time 0Min
  • Technique
  • Meat Beef
  • Cut Tenderloin
  • Serves 6

To incorporate immunity with beef tenderloin, I immediately thought of gut health and the benefits of naturally fermented vegetables. I absolutely love using kimchi and its juice in cooking.


2 ½ lb  beef tenderloin, cut into small dice

5 Tbsp  daikon kimchi brunoise

5 Tbsp rice vinegar

5 Tbsp dijon mustard

5 Tbsp  shallot brunoise

1 cup kimchi juice

5 Tbsp chopped capers

5 Tbsp finely sliced chives

salt and fresh ground black pepper, to taste

40 large butter lettuce leaves

6 Tbsp furikake seasoning


Fold all ingredients together except butter lettuce and 1 Tbsp furikake. Cover and refrigerate.

For each serving, gently pack 4 oz tartare in a 2-in ring mold slightly off center of each plate. Garnish with a pinch of furikake. Arrange 4 large leaves of butter lettuce fanned out above tartare.