Jul 16

Putting a fresh Mediterranean spin on Pizza Night

Inspired by the multi-cultural cuisine of Australia with its influences from Turkey and Lebanon, Spain, Asia and Europe, Chef Janine Booth’s lamb pizzetta concept is an #Aussome example of using lamb to give an instant upgrade and creative twist to a popular menu mainstay. It’s just the thing to grab the attention of diners looking to establish new favorites and build or rebuild loyalty.


The Place

Mi’Talia Kitchen + Bar, Miami Beach

The Dish

Aussie Lamb Pizza with Pickled Fennel, Hazelnut Romesco + Gremolata 

With a really good, bubbly dough, the build is quick and simple in the pizza oven. Spiced ground lamb cooks directly on the oval-shaped pizzetta, then gets a drizzle of hazelnut romesco that’s spiked with pomegranate molasses, and another of an herbaceous gremolata. Pickled fennel gives some balancing acidity, along with fresh and peppery arugula.

Why it Works

A weekly pizza night brings back regulars and new diners, and offers a chance to trial new items in a low-risk format. Lamb on a pizza is something new and different, and the flavors and colors catch the eye on the menu and coming to a table through the dining room. One order sparks a dozen!

From the Chef

“Aussie lamb complements the mainstream Italian flavors and more exotic Turkish or Spanish just as easily, and it’s always an invitation to guests looking to try something new. There’s no comparison in flavor, tenderness and quality to Australian lamb – it will forever be my go-to!”  -Chef Janine Booth, Mi’talia Kitchen + Bar

In this series, we’re celebrating chefs and restaurants who are bringing innovation back to the menu with special items and LTOs. Watch this space and our website for more inspiration!


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