Jun 24

Taking a guest favorite – Australian Rack of Lamb -- to the next level

Innovation is back, with special and limited-time items leading the way for restaurants to lure in patrons new and existing. Upping the game with pasture-raised proteins like Australian Lamb adds instant appeal and differentiation. And since Australia is the #1 source of quality lamb in the US, it’s readily available in your market, too. 

The Place
McConnell Golf – a network of exclusive golf clubs across North Carolina.  

The Dish 
Tahini and Herb Crusted Australian Lamb Rack

Gives a modern upgrade to a favorite item in rack of lamb. A tableside touch ups the ante even more. 

From the Chef: 
“In a country club setting like ours, we are always looking for the very best product, whether it’s local or from around the world. Australian lamb is consistently high quality, tender and mild; and my cooks love working with it too. That’s important when I’m sending them out to carve tableside!”  

-Chef James “JP” Patterson, Corporate Executive Chef, McConnell Golf 

Why it works 
Earthy tahini lets the natural lamb flavor shine, and all those herbs keep it familiar to what guests already know and love. The technique is classic, but with twists at every turn. Using the garlic from the roasting pan in the lemon-garlic butter builds on the natural lamb flavor. A curried cauliflower cream adds another exotic element and eye-catching color to the plate. Paired with “Carolina Gold” rice, it has a local touch, too. Carving the rack tableside adds a bit of showmanship and is exactly the kind of experience today’s diners are looking for.   




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