Apr 15

A spring-season special hits its stride with Aussie grassfed beef

Innovation is back, with special and limited-time items leading the way for restaurants to lure in patrons new and existing. Upping the game with grassfed proteins like Australian Beef adds instant appeal and differentiation. And since Australia is the sustainable source for grassfed beef in the US, it’s readily available in your market, too.

The Place:
Modern Market – 30 locations in the western US 

The Dish:
Porcini-rubbed Aussie Grassfed Beef Tenderloin with Rainbow Salad, Maple Mustard, and Pickled Mustard Seeds 

Celebrating the early spring season with a colorful, crave-able steak salad 

Why it works: 
The salad can change with the seasons and their produce, while the Grassfed Aussie Beef anchors the dish with flavor and guest appeal year-round. Vitally important these days, all the components can easily be handled by the BOH team. The rainbow salad highlights the spring root veggies and apples that add a crunchy texture as well as subtle sweetness, especially the parsnip ribbons…not to mention the gorgeous colors.   

From the Chef: 
“We loved the Australian tenderloins for this dish. They were right-sized and full of clean, pure beef flavor with excellent marbling - a surprise for a grassfed product. The porcini rub gives it an umami boost but lets the meat speak for itself.” 

Chef Nate Weir, Modern Restaurant Concepts (Modern Market and Lemonade)

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