Jun 24

Aussie lamb gets the steakhouse treatment at J. Gilbert's

Innovation is back, with special and limited-time items leading the way for restaurants to lure in patrons new and existing. Upping the game with pasture-raised proteins like Australian Lamb adds instant appeal and differentiation. And since Australia is the #1 source of quality lamb in the US, it’s readily available in your market, too.

The Place

Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks and Seafood (6 locations)

The Dish

Honey-brined Aussie lamb T-bones with roasted poblano au gratin potatoes, garlicky greens, apple butter pan jus

The build here lets the Australian Lamb shine with the right surrounding elements to complement and add interest and appeal. Though it reads like a lot of components, it’s all easy on the prep and quick to finish on the line, a must for today’s constrained kitchen operations.  Using a bone-in Australian lamb T-bones helps differentiate J. Gilberts, and is very on-brand with the steakhouse concept.  

Why it Works

Surrounding a generous portion of three mesquite-grilled lamb T-bones per entrée with favorite sides like garlicky greens and au gratin potatoes made this a must-order special. Adding a few extra flavor elements like roasted poblanos and spicy kale chips takes it over the top.

I loved how the mild nature of Australian lamb played so well with the other flavors. The honey in the brine and apple-butter pan jus are subtle, but complement this perfectly. I know my teams can execute a consistent, quality product like Aussie lamb every time, and our guests keep asking for it.

Chef Michael Slavin, J. Gilbert’s Woodfired Steaks and Seafood

In this series, we’re celebrating chefs and restaurants who are bringing innovation back to the menu with special items and LTOs. Watch this space and our website for more inspiration!



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