Chef Michael Sutton Miso cured Australian lamb t-bone chops

  • Prep time 30Min
  • Cook time 10Min
  • Technique Grill
  • Meat Lamb
  • Cut Loin
  • Serves 6

Miso cured Australian lamb t-bone chops


12 Miso Cured Australian Lamb T-Bone Chops, recipe follows
Cabbage Salad, recipe follows as needed, for garnish

Miso Cured Lamb Chops:
4 cups white miso paste
1 cup sake
1 cup mirin
1 cup sugar
12 Australian Lamb T-Bone Chops

Cabbage Salad:
1 head Napa cabbage, thinly sliced
16 fluid ounces coconut milk
2 limes, juice and zest
1 tablespoon fish sauce
Kosher salt to taste
Fresh cracked black pepper to taste
1 bunch scallion, slivered
Chili threads to taste
1 bunch fresh cilantro


For the Miso: Mix all ingredients, except for lamb, until incorporated.
Liberally coat the lamb and layer in a pan with enough miso to cover the lamb. Marinate overnight

For the Lamb: Preheat grill over high heat
Wipe off excess marinade and grill chops to desired temperature
Serve cooked chops immediately over cabbage salad

For the Cabbage Salad: In a small bowl, make a dressing from coconut milk, limes, fish sauce, salt and pepper.
In a separate bowl, combine cabbage, scallion, chili threads and cilantro
When ready to serve, toss cabbage mixture with dressing