Chef Ethan Speizer, Chef Mary O’Neill Cronader, and Chef Jose Martinez Aussie lamb grilled cheese

  • Prep time 15Min
  • Cook time 15Min
  • Technique Pan Fry / Saute
  • Meat Lamb
  • Cut Leg
  • Serves 4

As concepted by Chef Ethan Speizer, Chef Mary O’Neill Cronader, and Chef Jose Martinez at Aussie Beef & Lamb 's Chef Immersion in San Francisco. Recipe has not been tested in our kitchens.


1 lb. Braised Australian lamb leg
8 oz. Sliced Tomme cheese
8 oz. Blue cheese-stuffed olives
2 Anchovy filets
1 clove Garlic
3 tablespoons Capers
1 tablespoon Lemon juice
As needed Olive oil
As needed Salt and pepper
1 cup Aoili flavored to taste with: Ground sumac, gochujang, ketchup and balsamic vinegar
8 slices Sourdough bread
4 Seeded and thinly sliced Peppadew peppers
As needed Softened Butter


To prep: Make a tapenade by pureeing together the olives, anchovies, garlic, capers, and lemon juice. Add oil to reach a spreadable consistency. Season with salt and pepper.
For the sauce: Make a "secret sauce" by whisking together aioli with sumac, gochujang, tomato ketchup, and balsamic vinegar.
To serve: Assemble sandwiches with layers of 4 ounces sliced lamb, 2 ounces cheese, and ¼ cup tapenade. Sprinkle each sandwich with a sliced pepper. Brush the outsides of the sandwiches with butter or oil and griddle them on both sides until golden brown and the cheese is melting. Remove and slice on the bias. Plate with about ¼ cup of the secret sauce on the side.